IT’S JUST US Unlike many other commercial Jukebox companies, we are a small family run business who came about purely from our love of music. I wanted to create a modern, portable all in one system to hold and play my extensive music collection, I built my own, very first Jukebox for myself and the rest as they say is history….


IT’S SIMPLE We are passionate about our product and providing good quality, value for money. There are no sneaky or hidden costs such as music licensing fees. Once, you’ve bought your jukebox it’s all yours! You can update it as often or as little as you like, there’s no catch.


IT’S SERVICE Your customer service doesn’t suddenly end once we’ve got your money! We offer lifetime support with your Jukebox, we can log into your Jukebox and provide remote online support to help you through your set up and getting to know your Jukebox. Were also at the other end of a call, text or email – not a call centre in sight!


IT’S PERSONAL We will work with you to tailor make your Jukebox, so it’s personalised just for you. We can work with you to create custom designs i.e. your favourite band design. Check out our gallery to see some of our bespoke Jukeboxes or contact us for more information.






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